Thursday, April 5, 2007

How training influences elasticity of muscles?

Researchers always marked, that trainings with burdenings enslave muscles . But if it means the best transfer of effort and, as consequence - stronger muscles anything bad in it is not present. We shall note, that steroids too raise density of muscles, and partly it helps development of more powerful effort.
Whether the extension improves flexibility? Firstly it seems obvious. The extension increases amplitude of movement. But researchers ascertain that it occurs not absolutely owing to increase of elasticity of muscular proteins. Magnuson has found out, that the extension raises only tolerance of a muscle to extension without any changes of mechanical properties of various muscular components . In other words, it seems to you, that you became more flexible, but actually, anything similar. Certainly, those who is stretched by hours, are more flexible, but it borrows years. A little important structural change hardly will occur after couple of months of extensions.
Magnuson informs what even three months of extensions together with isometric exercises do not influence in any way on caused by work with weights density of muscles. Wilson has found out, that the eight-week stretching program does muscles of the subjects who are not engaged earlier, more dense in spite of the fact that the amplitude of movements increases. There is no common opinion in occasion of influence of the extension on flexibility. It is very difficult to measure her, and used methods in different researches very much differ.