Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We swing hands (part II) Counsil

1. For full development of a biceps you should supinate a brush during performance of bendings of hands with dumbbells or the block.
Some bodybuilders-champions have made a quantum leap in biceps development as soon as began to carry out brushes.
2. All types of the concentrated bendings will help you to develop natural "peak" of a biceps. However, execute hundreds sets of these exercises but if the genetic biceps flat, at you not on - is "peak". To, having good genetics also I include in the training the concentrated bendings, on the contrary, has developed the bicepses to the full.
3. Many body builders, wishing to develop the triceps to a maximum, often injure them. What to do?
It is better to avoid from the very beginning traumas but if elbows are injured, it is necessary to try not to receive "a trauma trauma".
The main thing - careful warm-up. L.Ferrino advises to begin training of hands with a biceps, and then to knead triceps three-four "easy" sets of draught of the block with high number of repetitions. The weight in each set slightly increases. In the programs carry out more presses the narrow successful fellow, instead of franch presses.
Rating of hands not such difficult business as it seems. It is just necessary to believe in itself and very to want to make hands big.

Monday, December 8, 2008

We swing hands (Part I)

There is no bodybuilder who would not wish to have massive, relief hands. Almost all champions IFBB show fenomenal development of muscles of hands.
There are body builders, whose genetic potential allows to have huge hands, without spending especially many efforts for this purpose - for example A.Bekls. Even before competitions it seldom does more than 10-12 approaches for a biceps and triceps, 2 times a week. Meanwhile, others give to development of hands much more time and all the same cannot be made even to Beklsom. However any bodybuilder at the serious approach to this question can increase considerably volume of hands and improve the form of a biceps and triceps.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Whether eggs are useful?

At me normal level of cholesterol. Whether means it, what I can eat so much eggs, how many I will want, or I should supervise myself just in case?

Anybody never doubted that eggs the richest source of nutrients. More than it is enough this fact to rank eggs in group of a necessary foodstuff for bodybuilders. It is impossible to disagree that thanks to a variety of amino acids in eggs, they are the best natural source of fiber. The protein containing in eggs, practically on 100 % is acquired by an organism. For the hungry bodybuilder to whom the considerable volume of proteins is required, eggs represent one more benefit – they not so expensive, in comparison with other basic sources of fiber, such as meat and fish.

Not so long ago eggs were registered on the first positions in lists of the products forbidden to the use to a food because of the considerable maintenance of cholesterol. The American Association of Heart (АНА) even has entered restriction on consumption of a yolk within a week: no more than four. Now these restrictions do not operate, as АНА has reconsidered the recommendations in 2003 after the spent researches of heart diseases. Now representatives of association call not for restrictions of consumption of eggs, and to restrictions of daily consumption of cholesterol. So if at you normal level of cholesterol, you easy can eat eggs regularly. But it is not necessary to forget that you can have problems with cholesterol if you simultaneously consume yolks, a trance the fats, the sated fats and other products, with the cholesterol maintenance. Such diet not for the bodybuilder. However if in your diet the considerable quantity of vegetables, fruit, cereals and low-fat meat eggs cannot do much harm by no means to you is provided.

If you wish to take a maximum of a protein from eggs and to limit volume of fats, calories and cholesterol, you can, as a variant, to separate fiber from a yolk and to prepare from it albuminous fried eggs or an omelette. The big fresh egg contains 75 calories, 5 gr fat and 6 gr the squirrel. In fiber separately contains only 17 calories, and fat is not present in general. At the same time 4 from 5 gr protein is in fiber. At the same time yolks also can be included in your diet because they contain a large quantity of other important nutrients, including iron, lecithin, holin, lutein, selenium, vitamins В-2, And, D and В-12.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dexter Jackson has won on competition Mr. Olympia 2008

At last, after performances on 47 professional tournaments, Dexter Jackson, has won on 10th anniversary "Olympia".
«I prayed, when disclosed result. I knew that I deserve on a victory. It already mine 10 performance on"Olympia", but I did not think that I can win. I am till now in a shock. To me till now not to be believed. I dreamt of this moment since then when I the first time has come to a hall. But fairly to tell, I never thought that the such can happen» - the champion has commented. 39 summer Dexter was in the excellent form. It by right the deserved victory has shown that the champion can become not only huge guys. Jay Katler was not in the best form.
Judges have seen at once not an accurate relief on a back which actually and became the defeat reason. Only 7 points were lost by Jay to Dekster.
« Certainly, I feel small affliction, but I am sincerely glad for Dekster therefore as I know that means to win. I knew that he never believed that can win. And has won! It is a life, we win something, something we lose. But he it has deserved. It was in the best form. Now "Olympia" to become all it is more interesting. Earlier sportsmen kept decades a title, and was clear, who will be the first. Now all not so. The only thing that is a pity, oh, damn, that have bypassed me so quickly!» - Jay has told. Phill the hit, has shown brilliant result. He has established some kind of a new record. Still to whom it was not possible to become the third in 27 years.
Competition «Mr. Olympia» 2008 has shown that athletes are in the excellent form and from their victory separate some balls. Whether there has passed an era of long gains of "Olympia" as it was with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Whether Hejni, Dorianom Jatsom and Ronni Kolmenom to confirm hard. However, with confidence it is possible to tell that the aesthetics and harmony has returned to bodybuilding.
Distribution of places of tournament «Mr. Olympia» 2008: 1. Dexter Jackson; 2. Jay Cutler; 3. Phil Heath; 4. Dennis Wolf; 5. Toney Freeman; 6. Melvin Anthony; 7. Silvio Samuel; 8. Dennis James; 9. Mo Elmoussawi; 10. Gustavo Badell; 11. Darrem Charles; 12. Johnnie Jackson; 13. Craig Richardson; 14. Ronny Rockel; 15. David Henry; 16. Kevin English; 17. Fouad Abiad; 17 Sergey Shelestov; 17 Leo Ingram.