Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Do not trust advertising and do not pursue the illusive purpose.

All the professional organizations of bodybuilging pursue the basic purpose - reception of commercial profit. How? By means of the INACCESSIBLE PURPOSE!

The inaccessible purpose is the purpose which you obviously do not reach. In our case it is volumes, is unnatural-huge muscular weight. You can increase greater muscles, but you never become Dorian Yats. Let's understand.

You know, that commercial benefit is taken by the professional organizations of bodybuilging from carrying out of large competitions (for example "Mr. Universum"), from a huge share in the market of food additions, from sale of printed editions in which the "irreconcilable" position in relation to steroids and so on, by the way, affirms. Actually, all elite bodybuilders "are literally impregnated" steroids.

They use more steroids and pharmaceutical preparations, than small hospital. For what all this is necessary? For creation of the INACCESSIBLE PURPOSE! What turns out? The bodybuilder-fan looks competitions, buys all these magazines, videofilms, follows training recommendations, spends a great lot of money for various additives, and results has more than modest.

And he, naturally, starts to think, that its training program is inefficient, that it has not enough nutrients, the food additive not suit and so on… Finally, all these reflections lead to that he starts to search for all the new and new additives, new training programs, modern histories of new stars of bodybuilging and … pays, pays, pays. Conclusion: if you are natural, you can increase only natural weight. Also do not pursue the illusive purpose.