Sunday, April 8, 2007

It is a little anatomy.

Muscles consist of two types of muscular fibres: "red" and "white". "Red" name "marathoners" as they possess very high power endurance. "White" are, on the contrary, "sprinters". They are capable to develop exclusively powerful effort, but are quickly exhausted. On the average in a muscle of "white" fibres it is more, than "red" on 20 %-22 %. It is clear, that prevalence of "red" fibres does the person physically hardy, well and if more than "white" fibres he prefers short sports loadings.
Trainings cause a thickening of both types of fibres in the body builder. By the way, their quantity does not increase, as many think. It remains to constants during all life. The gain of "weight" speaks only increase in cross-section diameter of a separate muscular fibre. In itself it is insignificant, however multiplied on number of fibres in a muscle, gives a huge increase of muscular volume.
It is clear, that the body builder having more of "hardy" fibers, will type "mass" a little bit more slowly. In fact by virtue of the raised endurance of its muscle will resist more longly to stress of training loads. However, not only rates of body height of muscular "mass" depend on all it. Scientists speak, that the important factor of an anabolism is the structure of muscular cells of which fibers of both types consist. In cells the quantity of mitochondrions varies, some kind of power batteries - someone has more than them, someone - has less. There can collect more or less glycogen. In addition cells of different people have different ability to mastering the main cellular component - waters (muscles of the person consist of water on 75 %).