Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adiposity: the reasons of occurrence

Excess weight is consequence overeating more often. Excess weight testifies that the energy inhibited in fat in an organism has collected more, than it is required. The weight of a body can increase in 2 times in comparison with norm, and on occassion and it is much more. Such status already is called as adiposity. Adiposity comes not suddenly. It develops gradually. During this period it is recommended to apply preventive measures that it is much easier to carry out, than in the subsequent to treat adiposity. It is constantly necessary to supervise the weight, supporting it at a level corresponding individual requirements.
Now there is a set of formulas which allow to calculate normal weight. But all of them basically converge to one bag plus – a minus of 2-3 kg. I would recommend here such formula: (growth – 100) – after 160 sm growth and weight it is desirable to measure 5 kg in sm without footwear and clothes.If your weight does not leave for the specified borders, he means is close to ideal. In some poor countries completeness is an attribute of the riches, therefore many people living there, aspire to type kgs. In the developed countries it is observed opposite – the fashion included excessive harmony, and many women go on everything that though a few to come nearer to an ideal imposed by mass media.
But before will address to diets, it is necessary to study carefully the reasons of occurrence of excess weight, its influence on an organism, and also influence fast return to former weight after wearisome measures of growing thin.Occurrence of completeness and adiposity are influenced with various factors:
-Genetic predisposition
-Way of life
-Age changes
And here the way of life on adiposity has huge influence. According to it the diet and a level of physical activity is formed. To the psychological factors leading completeness, the weariness, excitation, bad mood or depression concern. In such status frequently people find a consolation in meal.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Principal cause of failure - your negative spirit.

Till 1970, people did not trust in an opportunity of overcoming 500 pounds a boundary. But in 1970, during Olympic Games, it at last has been made. Within next several months, this record has been repeated by many athletes. Why? Intellectual barriers! If one person could overcome the certain boundary, others start to trust in the opportunities. Your mind - very powerful training factor. Gather, concentrate, believe in yourself, and the success to you is provided.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free weights is yet all.

" Whether I can increase weight, using simulators "? Yes. Supporters of free weight approve, that the weight grows only from free weights. It is not absolutely true. Your muscles react to intensive loading which can proceed from the most various sources. To muscles it is indifferent you use free weights or simulators. They simply react to loading. Well load a muscle, and she will answer you with the growth. Certainly, it is not necessary to refuse use of free weights absolutely. Simply remember, that the free weight is not a unique way to weight.
But not all simulators, as they say, are created equal. For example, for study of muscles of shoulders and a breast, is better to use "Hammer" as this simulator is designed in view of natural trajectories of movement of the person.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Progress is progress.

You have not passed any training, gradually raise number of recurrences, accurately add on 2 1/2 pounds to a bar, however for last two months your biceps has increased all for 1/8 inches. Also it is all your progress … And you think, what only constant growth of muscles is a unique attribute of progress? Do not despair, your muscles grow, simply it occurs slowly. Have patience, concentrate on details, and all to you will come in due time. To construct qualitative muscular weight, long, heavy work is required.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Frequency of trainings.

At work on weight there is no necessity to visit a hall more than 3 times a week and to spend in it more than 1 hour. You can work even 2 times a week, and it will yield also good results. How it is possible? Work with heavy weights. Averages and easy days for us do not exist. Use base exercises (presses, drafts, knee-bends). Exclude isolating exercises, such as cultivations, broaches and etc. You should understand item, that your body is exposed to the big loading and rest is necessary to it. How you think, why, always advise to take a week break for overcoming a plateau?
Very often to have to hear: " And, what if I only once in a week shall study bicepses? They will grow? " Certainly! By the way, recollect, bicepses, participate in such exercises, as draft of a bar to a belt in an inclination (exercise on muscles of a back), and deltas participate in a press laying.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


You already know, that the basis of escalating of weight is a performance of exercises with greater weights. You should work with greater weights in the beginning of training, for the present are in the good form. But, if you press on a bench for 50 pounds more the than usual weight, and thus a bar as the ball, jumps aside from a breast, and the back caves in the bridge, do not wait, that such technics will promote achievement of your purposes. Perhaps, you also will make impression upon the one who does not know these cunnings, but that you will not lead us. When you are chiting, in work join auxiliary muscles and instead of qualitatively working the basic muscular groups, you spend energy for performance of useless exercise.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Training hall - a place for trainings, instead of club " To whom for … "

Recollect, how it is frequent in a training hall you meet people who after performance of one approach start to wander aimlessly on a hall or to get with somebody confused idle talk? Passes, at least 5 minutes before they again undertake a bar. Serious athletes in a training hall train, instead of discuss the latest news … very important that, what is the time you spend for pauses between sets. The Greatest, that you presume - 2 minutes.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Food additives

If you wish to pump up huge muscles - food additives are necessary for you. Truly? Incorrectly! At all times there were the people possessing a powerful, beautiful constitution. And you thought, what such people have appeared only after 1970? Recollect, in any village the greatest and strong person was the smith. How you think, why? Because he all the day long worked with heavy metal or because ate an additional portion of a protein product and accepted creatine?.. The Answer is obvious. Everything, that is necessary for you for construction of your muscles, is available in natural food. Food additives can really appear useful, but basically they are not necessary. To you simply wash out brains when you start to doubt of it. Here a good albuminous cocktail (all natural) which was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1970:- 2 Glass of milk -1/2 Cup of the skim dairy powder -1 Egg -1/2 Cups of ice-cream .

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Do not trust advertising and do not pursue the illusive purpose.

All the professional organizations of bodybuilging pursue the basic purpose - reception of commercial profit. How? By means of the INACCESSIBLE PURPOSE!

The inaccessible purpose is the purpose which you obviously do not reach. In our case it is volumes, is unnatural-huge muscular weight. You can increase greater muscles, but you never become Dorian Yats. Let's understand.

You know, that commercial benefit is taken by the professional organizations of bodybuilging from carrying out of large competitions (for example "Mr. Universum"), from a huge share in the market of food additions, from sale of printed editions in which the "irreconcilable" position in relation to steroids and so on, by the way, affirms. Actually, all elite bodybuilders "are literally impregnated" steroids.

They use more steroids and pharmaceutical preparations, than small hospital. For what all this is necessary? For creation of the INACCESSIBLE PURPOSE! What turns out? The bodybuilder-fan looks competitions, buys all these magazines, videofilms, follows training recommendations, spends a great lot of money for various additives, and results has more than modest.

And he, naturally, starts to think, that its training program is inefficient, that it has not enough nutrients, the food additive not suit and so on… Finally, all these reflections lead to that he starts to search for all the new and new additives, new training programs, modern histories of new stars of bodybuilging and … pays, pays, pays. Conclusion: if you are natural, you can increase only natural weight. Also do not pursue the illusive purpose.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Your age is the limiting factor. If you start to train already after 35 years, do not expect from bodybuilging too much. About what I shall speak below it reference points (certainly, approximate) for healthy men in the age of from 18 till 35 years. All men of this age, even absolutely green beginners, can count on appreciable changes in some years of persistent trainings by rational techniques. Those who concerns to age group from 35 till 45 years and already trained with a load, can reach about the same results. And here if to you from 35 up to 45, and you never practised with greater weights, you should moderate appetites slightly. People whom already for 45, too are capable to achieve changes, but it is far not in such degree, as youth. However in comparison with the unexercised coeval the fifty years' bodybuilder seems the alien. So commensurate the purposes, expectations and a level of activity with your age. To the person is more senior it is not necessary to get on a a rigid diet which can appear useful to the young man. People in years should pay more attention to the intimate and respiratory activity.
Nevertheless, I wish to emphasize one important thing: it is not necessary to exaggerate value of age as limiting factor. The greatest restrictions on physical progress are imposed with your own consciousness. On light loads and loads genetically presented bodybuilders which have achieved amazing successes after 30. If you will demand from the body too little a little and receive. Will demand greater and will be winner.

Monday, April 9, 2007

The sizes of muscles

Before to compare itself to professionals, let's look, what volumes of muscles happen at champions. How about fantastic grasps of forearms in 45-47 sm at professionals in weight in 90 kg? It is difficult to believe, truly? Meanwhile, such digits meet in modern magazines on bodybuilging. However pay attention, that at well-known athlete Bill Kazmajera in weight in 136 kg the grasp of forearms is peer only" 44 sm it was is precisely established by expert David Uilbi. It measured muscles of the champion by a skintight tape and has fairly informed result. It is clear, that the information on volumes of forearms in 45-47 sm at 90-kilogram professional which near to Kazmaier are looked by nanuses, it is ordinary lie.
The false, overestimated data who often meet in elite magazines, are capable to deprive with courage of the ordinary fan who was taking on this lies belief. And how you like a grasp of a biceps in 55 or even in 58 sm? Arthur Johns, the inventor of simulators "Nautilus", is known for all as the person exclusively truthful. In one of the books it cites following data: the grasp of biceps Sergio of the Oliva () is peer the relaxed condition 50,3 sm, and at Arnold Schwarzenegger (in slightly strained) 49,7 see Arnold and Sergio two most presented professionals who were seen with the world of bodybuilging. They use the deserved glory owing to the mighty arms. It is necessary to look at them to understand: in this respect very few people can be compared to them. As about a biceps in 55 - 58 sm? Too lie!
Johns measured arms and at other genetic "lucky beggars" in their best sports form. Here its data: Casey Veitor of 48,3 sm, Mike Menttser and Bill Perl on 46,6 see These examples are necessary to learn to put before itself the sober purposes. In comparison with those fantastic digits with which pages of magazines dazzle, the limiting sizes of muscles even the most persistent and strong-willed fan seem insignificant. However if to compare these sizes to the present parameters of champions, they will cause sincere respect, especially if to recollect how the share of the simple fan is hard.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

It is a little anatomy.

Muscles consist of two types of muscular fibres: "red" and "white". "Red" name "marathoners" as they possess very high power endurance. "White" are, on the contrary, "sprinters". They are capable to develop exclusively powerful effort, but are quickly exhausted. On the average in a muscle of "white" fibres it is more, than "red" on 20 %-22 %. It is clear, that prevalence of "red" fibres does the person physically hardy, well and if more than "white" fibres he prefers short sports loadings.
Trainings cause a thickening of both types of fibres in the body builder. By the way, their quantity does not increase, as many think. It remains to constants during all life. The gain of "weight" speaks only increase in cross-section diameter of a separate muscular fibre. In itself it is insignificant, however multiplied on number of fibres in a muscle, gives a huge increase of muscular volume.
It is clear, that the body builder having more of "hardy" fibers, will type "mass" a little bit more slowly. In fact by virtue of the raised endurance of its muscle will resist more longly to stress of training loads. However, not only rates of body height of muscular "mass" depend on all it. Scientists speak, that the important factor of an anabolism is the structure of muscular cells of which fibers of both types consist. In cells the quantity of mitochondrions varies, some kind of power batteries - someone has more than them, someone - has less. There can collect more or less glycogen. In addition cells of different people have different ability to mastering the main cellular component - waters (muscles of the person consist of water on 75 %).

Saturday, April 7, 2007

How to calculate quantity of the necessary calories?

For those who wishes to lose in weight: 1.5 - 2 grams fiber on 1 kg of weight of a body, 2 - 2.5 grams carbohydrates (these are carbohydrates from groats, breads, vegetables), 1 gram fat. To women the percent of carbohydrates needs to be lowered up to 1.5 - 2 grams (basically, it it is vegetables and groats - only for a breakfast).
For those who wishes to type weight: Not less than 2 - 2.5 grams fiber on 1 kg of a body weight and up to 4 grams carbohydrates. The quantity of fats can be increased up to 1.5 - 2 grams by1 kg of weight of a body. Data about the maintenance of these substances in food stuffs it is possible to find almost in the literature on cookery and dietology. Do not forget about vitamins and active substances, therefore - there are more than fruit and vegetables in a diet.

Friday, April 6, 2007

An eutrophy first of all

First of all - any hungry diets. Simply a feed should be put in order, that your organism has not remained without necessary nutrients, and at the same time to clean all superfluous. How it to achieve?
Here some advice:
1. Never leave the house having no breakfast. Accustom itself to it.
2. A banal rule - do not overeat for the night. If come from work late, wish to eat, a glass of kefir and an apple - here that is necessary for you, and go to bed.
3. Do not suppose greater breaks between receptions of food, we mean 6 - 8 hours. Eat even 3 times a day, it is better four, and the basic part of a feed should fall to first two receptions of food.
4. Do not suppose decrease in quantity of fats in a diet up to a zero level is a full nonsense. Not using in food fats, you risk to break a metabolism, to damage to the hair and a leather, to worsen sight and state of health. Such products as vegetable oil, the small amount of cheese and eggs should be present at your diet.
5. Sugar, flour products should leave your table, but it at all does not mean, that one ice-cream will give up as a bad job your figure.
6. Gradually supersede from your diet food "dust": sauces, ketchups, various snack of type of chips, etc.
7. More cautiously with alcohol. He irritates mucous a stomach, as a result you overeat. Besides alcohol (especially vodka) in a plenty is poison gas that leads to weight of undesirable consequences.
These rules can seem suitable only for those who wishes to dump weight. Actually they are universal. In fact because of non-observance of these simple rules in a feed thin cannot recover, though considers, that eats much, and people with excess weight cannot dump it. {In weight}

Thursday, April 5, 2007

How training influences elasticity of muscles?

Researchers always marked, that trainings with burdenings enslave muscles . But if it means the best transfer of effort and, as consequence - stronger muscles anything bad in it is not present. We shall note, that steroids too raise density of muscles, and partly it helps development of more powerful effort.
Whether the extension improves flexibility? Firstly it seems obvious. The extension increases amplitude of movement. But researchers ascertain that it occurs not absolutely owing to increase of elasticity of muscular proteins. Magnuson has found out, that the extension raises only tolerance of a muscle to extension without any changes of mechanical properties of various muscular components . In other words, it seems to you, that you became more flexible, but actually, anything similar. Certainly, those who is stretched by hours, are more flexible, but it borrows years. A little important structural change hardly will occur after couple of months of extensions.
Magnuson informs what even three months of extensions together with isometric exercises do not influence in any way on caused by work with weights density of muscles. Wilson has found out, that the eight-week stretching program does muscles of the subjects who are not engaged earlier, more dense in spite of the fact that the amplitude of movements increases. There is no common opinion in occasion of influence of the extension on flexibility. It is very difficult to measure her, and used methods in different researches very much differ.