Sunday, April 15, 2007

Frequency of trainings.

At work on weight there is no necessity to visit a hall more than 3 times a week and to spend in it more than 1 hour. You can work even 2 times a week, and it will yield also good results. How it is possible? Work with heavy weights. Averages and easy days for us do not exist. Use base exercises (presses, drafts, knee-bends). Exclude isolating exercises, such as cultivations, broaches and etc. You should understand item, that your body is exposed to the big loading and rest is necessary to it. How you think, why, always advise to take a week break for overcoming a plateau?
Very often to have to hear: " And, what if I only once in a week shall study bicepses? They will grow? " Certainly! By the way, recollect, bicepses, participate in such exercises, as draft of a bar to a belt in an inclination (exercise on muscles of a back), and deltas participate in a press laying.