Monday, April 9, 2007

The sizes of muscles

Before to compare itself to professionals, let's look, what volumes of muscles happen at champions. How about fantastic grasps of forearms in 45-47 sm at professionals in weight in 90 kg? It is difficult to believe, truly? Meanwhile, such digits meet in modern magazines on bodybuilging. However pay attention, that at well-known athlete Bill Kazmajera in weight in 136 kg the grasp of forearms is peer only" 44 sm it was is precisely established by expert David Uilbi. It measured muscles of the champion by a skintight tape and has fairly informed result. It is clear, that the information on volumes of forearms in 45-47 sm at 90-kilogram professional which near to Kazmaier are looked by nanuses, it is ordinary lie.
The false, overestimated data who often meet in elite magazines, are capable to deprive with courage of the ordinary fan who was taking on this lies belief. And how you like a grasp of a biceps in 55 or even in 58 sm? Arthur Johns, the inventor of simulators "Nautilus", is known for all as the person exclusively truthful. In one of the books it cites following data: the grasp of biceps Sergio of the Oliva () is peer the relaxed condition 50,3 sm, and at Arnold Schwarzenegger (in slightly strained) 49,7 see Arnold and Sergio two most presented professionals who were seen with the world of bodybuilging. They use the deserved glory owing to the mighty arms. It is necessary to look at them to understand: in this respect very few people can be compared to them. As about a biceps in 55 - 58 sm? Too lie!
Johns measured arms and at other genetic "lucky beggars" in their best sports form. Here its data: Casey Veitor of 48,3 sm, Mike Menttser and Bill Perl on 46,6 see These examples are necessary to learn to put before itself the sober purposes. In comparison with those fantastic digits with which pages of magazines dazzle, the limiting sizes of muscles even the most persistent and strong-willed fan seem insignificant. However if to compare these sizes to the present parameters of champions, they will cause sincere respect, especially if to recollect how the share of the simple fan is hard.