Thursday, April 12, 2007

Food additives

If you wish to pump up huge muscles - food additives are necessary for you. Truly? Incorrectly! At all times there were the people possessing a powerful, beautiful constitution. And you thought, what such people have appeared only after 1970? Recollect, in any village the greatest and strong person was the smith. How you think, why? Because he all the day long worked with heavy metal or because ate an additional portion of a protein product and accepted creatine?.. The Answer is obvious. Everything, that is necessary for you for construction of your muscles, is available in natural food. Food additives can really appear useful, but basically they are not necessary. To you simply wash out brains when you start to doubt of it. Here a good albuminous cocktail (all natural) which was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1970:- 2 Glass of milk -1/2 Cup of the skim dairy powder -1 Egg -1/2 Cups of ice-cream .