Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We swing hands (part II) Counsil

1. For full development of a biceps you should supinate a brush during performance of bendings of hands with dumbbells or the block.
Some bodybuilders-champions have made a quantum leap in biceps development as soon as began to carry out brushes.
2. All types of the concentrated bendings will help you to develop natural "peak" of a biceps. However, execute hundreds sets of these exercises but if the genetic biceps flat, at you not on - is "peak". To, having good genetics also I include in the training the concentrated bendings, on the contrary, has developed the bicepses to the full.
3. Many body builders, wishing to develop the triceps to a maximum, often injure them. What to do?
It is better to avoid from the very beginning traumas but if elbows are injured, it is necessary to try not to receive "a trauma trauma".
The main thing - careful warm-up. L.Ferrino advises to begin training of hands with a biceps, and then to knead triceps three-four "easy" sets of draught of the block with high number of repetitions. The weight in each set slightly increases. In the programs carry out more presses the narrow successful fellow, instead of franch presses.
Rating of hands not such difficult business as it seems. It is just necessary to believe in itself and very to want to make hands big.