Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adiposity: the reasons of occurrence

Excess weight is consequence overeating more often. Excess weight testifies that the energy inhibited in fat in an organism has collected more, than it is required. The weight of a body can increase in 2 times in comparison with norm, and on occassion and it is much more. Such status already is called as adiposity. Adiposity comes not suddenly. It develops gradually. During this period it is recommended to apply preventive measures that it is much easier to carry out, than in the subsequent to treat adiposity. It is constantly necessary to supervise the weight, supporting it at a level corresponding individual requirements.
Now there is a set of formulas which allow to calculate normal weight. But all of them basically converge to one bag plus – a minus of 2-3 kg. I would recommend here such formula: (growth – 100) – after 160 sm growth and weight it is desirable to measure 5 kg in sm without footwear and clothes.If your weight does not leave for the specified borders, he means is close to ideal. In some poor countries completeness is an attribute of the riches, therefore many people living there, aspire to type kgs. In the developed countries it is observed opposite – the fashion included excessive harmony, and many women go on everything that though a few to come nearer to an ideal imposed by mass media.
But before will address to diets, it is necessary to study carefully the reasons of occurrence of excess weight, its influence on an organism, and also influence fast return to former weight after wearisome measures of growing thin.Occurrence of completeness and adiposity are influenced with various factors:
-Genetic predisposition
-Way of life
-Age changes
And here the way of life on adiposity has huge influence. According to it the diet and a level of physical activity is formed. To the psychological factors leading completeness, the weariness, excitation, bad mood or depression concern. In such status frequently people find a consolation in meal.