Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Your age is the limiting factor. If you start to train already after 35 years, do not expect from bodybuilging too much. About what I shall speak below it reference points (certainly, approximate) for healthy men in the age of from 18 till 35 years. All men of this age, even absolutely green beginners, can count on appreciable changes in some years of persistent trainings by rational techniques. Those who concerns to age group from 35 till 45 years and already trained with a load, can reach about the same results. And here if to you from 35 up to 45, and you never practised with greater weights, you should moderate appetites slightly. People whom already for 45, too are capable to achieve changes, but it is far not in such degree, as youth. However in comparison with the unexercised coeval the fifty years' bodybuilder seems the alien. So commensurate the purposes, expectations and a level of activity with your age. To the person is more senior it is not necessary to get on a a rigid diet which can appear useful to the young man. People in years should pay more attention to the intimate and respiratory activity.
Nevertheless, I wish to emphasize one important thing: it is not necessary to exaggerate value of age as limiting factor. The greatest restrictions on physical progress are imposed with your own consciousness. On light loads and loads genetically presented bodybuilders which have achieved amazing successes after 30. If you will demand from the body too little a little and receive. Will demand greater and will be winner.